Powerful School
Logo & Brand Design
for Sherborne House School.

We developed the existing brand identity of Sherborne House School which… created a link between the current brand elements and ultimately provided a cohesive look and feel across the Sherborne House School marketing materials and visual brand.

The Golden Thread.


We initially dissected our notes and creative brief from our Discovery Call session and researched a little deeper into Sherborne House School and the golden thread that weaves throughout everything they do.

We aimed to build a cohesive brand story and visual identity around the existing elements that form the Sherborne House School brand.

A modernised version of the existing logo and and stronger link between the brand elements will improve the overall visual identity. It will provide a consistent and high-quality premium brand that they can feel proud of.

Pupil Houses/Building Names.

Part of our mission was to align the pupil house and building names to the golden thread element of the Sherborne House School brand story; so that there’s a link between them. We researched the golden ratio and patterns of tree rings, but the overall brand and the golden thread aspect started to feel and become diluted.

This ultimately reaffirmed the strength of the golden thread and that the best way to align the names of the pupil houses (which aren’t changeable) and building names was to design a set of iconography that represents each house and building, the style would align with the golden thread element that weaves throughout the marketing materials to showcase how it also entwines within the houses.

The Golden Thread.

Sherborne House School aim to sew the golden thread through every part of children’s lives, providing them with a solid foundation for learning and life.

  • Good friendships last lifetimes
  • Observance of honour towards others
  • Living both virtuously and courageously with
  • Developed social and emotional intelligence
  • Empowering confidence in oneself
  • Nurturing the ability to be extraordinary

Their educational provision is infused by encouraging

  • Tenacity and perseverance
  • Happiness and enjoyment in learning
  • Real world experiences
  • Exploration and enquiry
  • Agility to adapt
  • Delight in individuality

Through underpinning rigorous academic provision within an enriched educational experience, Sherborne House School’s remarkable, the golden thread which is ingrained into the fabric of their school, create humble, compassionate, and well-rounded global citizens of the future.

Brand Overview.

Updated Logo & Brand Mark.

We’ve incorporated the original HS from the Sherborne Hous School logo to reflect their heritage, but we introduced a contemporary shiled to bring it into the modern era.



The new typefaces, Amiri, Viktorie and Raleway align with the original brand typefaces but are now accessible and downloadable from google fonts so that all marketing materials are consistent.

Colour Palette.

The developed colour palette delivers a traditional yet modern feel to the overall brand. We advised that the gold elements if printed should be either gold foil or pantone, but to ensure the vision of the golden thread doesn’t feel static and dull if printed in CMYK; we added highlights and a gradeint so the magic is visible regardless.

Pupil Houses Iconography.





Feedback from Sherborne House School.

“Yes! Happy with all of the amendments!”

Rebecca Van Rooijen,
Marketing Manager at Sherborne House School

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