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Logo & Brand Design
for The Loyne Specialist School.

We redesigned the new brand identity for The Loyne Specialist School which… retained all the elements from their old logo but brought it into the modern era and provided a brand concept to steer the overall brand rationale and story.


Carers & Educators of Lancaster.


We initially dissected our notes and creative brief from our Discovery Call session and researched a little deeper into the rationale around the old logo elements which we were to retain within our development of the new branding.

Fleur-de-lis Symbol & River Lune.

The elements within the old Loyne Specialist School logo ties them to Lancaster and their location which is situated near the River Lune, but why? We needed to research into this to ensure our rationale for the brand refresh was correct.

The fleurs-de-lis were part of the old arms of the city of Lancaster and derive from the arms of the Duchy of Lancaster. The silver wave is a representation of the River Lune. It is very apparent as to where the inspiration of the old Loyne Specialist School came from.

With clarity around the rationale of the old logo elements, we then needed to take into account their Remarkable and how we tie that into the strapline whilst reflecting the brand mark we were to develop around the existing one.

Loyne’s Remarkable.

During our Discovery Call it was truly evident as to what makes The Loyne Specialist School remarkable, it’s the deep level of passion and care they provide for the children, and every member of staff wants the best for them. Along with the passion and care they continue to deliver to meet each individual child’s needs and provide a safe environment with routine and structure to aid the learning of all.

With this knowledge in mind, the strapline that sits alongside the refreshed and modernised branding should reflect the continuous level of care and support The Loyne provides.

Brand Overview.

The Brand Elements.

We retained the original elements of The Loyne Specialist School but introduced a new modern and fresh style whilst keeping the idea that everything is encapsulated within the shield.

The waves that represent the River Lune intersect with the fleur-de-lis to provide a visual representation that those waves endlessly flow through Lancaster in the same fashion that The Loyne provides care and support to its children.

Typeface & Colour Palette.

The newly developed colour palette and modern and bold typeface provide a modernised style to the strong brand identity whilst delivering a calming and relaxed feeling.

Swipe to Unearth the Remarkable.

Feedback from The Loyne Specialist School.

Always very happy with the service from Blue Apple and look forward to working with the team further on developing our brand.”

Anna Lazenbury,
School Business Manager at The Loyne Specialist School

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