Pershore High School


The challenge:

To create new prospectuses for both the main school and sixth form that would promote the school to potential new members of staff and prospective parents, and also to design a brand that would extend across marketing and internal documentation.

What we did:

A triangle motif was developed to reflect the school’s ‘3 House’ system as well as the strong foundations they provide to their students. Multiple layers were used to symbolise the strong pastoral care the school provides and their proud 82-year history of the school.

The Result:

Case studies

boy student smiling looking up while writing

Primary Schools

many different St. Anselmian 's prospectus covers

Independent Schools


Secondary Schools & Colleges

the loyne school boy with teacher

Special Educational Needs Schools

Cambridge International School Nursery Brochure, cover page and double page spread

International Schools

Oxfordshire hospital school website mockup

Pupil Referral Units &
Alternative Provision Schools

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