Falcons School for Girls


The challenge:

To design a prospectus that stresses the school’s high academic standards whilst exemplifying their unique selling point: The focus on creative teaching and learning. The message needed to ask the question: “how is your daughter going to make her mark on the world?”.

What we did:

The design of the prospectus provided a close up of a girl’s face with three words superimposed over the top in capitals: LEADER, THINKER, INNOVATOR. We needed to answer the question of “how is your daughter going to make her mark on the world?” A fingerprint theme ran throughout the prospectus in a spot UV gloss varnish to highlight the individuality of each child at the school and their unique set of requirements and abilities to be the very best.

The result:

Case studies

boy student smiling looking up while writing

Primary Schools

many different St. Anselmian 's prospectus covers

Independent Schools


Secondary Schools & Colleges

the loyne school boy with teacher

Special Educational Needs Schools

Cambridge International School Nursery Brochure, cover page and double page spread

International Schools

Oxfordshire hospital school website mockup

Pupil Referral Units &
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