S. Anselm’s Preparatory School


The challenge:

S. Anslem’s Preparatory School introduced an innovation suite which provided a new way of learning for the children using Lego. The learning process was much more tactile and hands on. It allowed children to learn by enjoying what they are doing, rather than sitting at desks. We needed to design the cover of the yearbook to reflect this.

What we did:

With the school learning through the use of Lego we designed a concept along the lines of Lego dots and the school crest raised like Braille. The cover was tactile to provide a link to their new learning innovation suite yet provided a proud link to their history with the logo and brand colours. We now design a yearbook every summer that is themed to activities or events that have taken place that year. Special finishing effects are applied to the printing to give the yearbook a luxurious, tactile and quality feel.

The result:

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