Laude Newton College


The challenge:

Laude Newton College required a new school prospectus that reflected their key messages:
Opening minds, overcome challenges, project based learning, variety of teaching methods, Internationalism, diverse learning opportunities, leadership development, creating confidence.
The prospectus also needed to present its beautiful photography in a bold and prominent way whilst adding a fun positive colour palette.

What we did:

We designed a series of ‘infinity’ icons that reflected the infinite modern opportunities created by Laude Newton College. The colour palette merged colour pairs representing the ‘coming together’ of different nationalities and the wealth of opportunities this brings.
A ‘teardrop’ shape taken from the inside of the infinity symbol has been used to represent global connections bringing students together. Alongside this we utilised the big, bold and punchy photography to maximum effect by filling pages. The whole prospectus was required in both the English and Spanish languages.

The result:

I am delighted with the look for the prospectus. It is very creative, colourful and reflects the modern style and progressive thinking of the school. This is a great start!
Angela Dudley-Warde, Group Head of Admissions & Marketing, International Schools Partnership, Europe

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