Northamptonshire Hospital & Outreach Education


The challenge:

The Head and SLT required their promotional communications to reflect the inspirational work that staff do to equip students with skills for the future and to fulfill their mission “Keeping Education Alive in Every Child’s Life”.
HOE were forming a Multi-Academy Trust with another hospital school provision and wanted to retain a strong unique identity. The school, was also shortlisted for ‘Alternative Provider of the Year’ Award at the TES School Awards 2017 and needed a promotional video clip to be played during the award ceremony.

What we did:

We worked carefully around student privacy limitations to provide school photography that highlighted the welcoming and engaging learning environment. We were then able to use these static images to produce a beautifully animated promotional video for the school.

The result:

The video was played in front of the audience at the TES awards and now provides a dynamic introduction on the new website.
 “I really like the ebb and flow of it (the video clip) and the way you have used the photos and text…. It is lovely, thank you”
Cath Kitchen
Northampton Hospital & Outreach Education

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