Oxfordshire Hospital School


The challenge:

Following criticism by OFSTED of the school’s record keeping, the school wanted to engage positively and openly with its important stakeholders. The Head also felt that the school’s branding and communications were dated and did not reflect the dynamic and forward-thinking provision offered.

What we did:

Working very closely with the Headteacher, we created a PR campaign to take control of a difficult message telling the whole story to key stakeholders. The PR campaign encompassed internal and external communications and helped to develop strong links with local media.
This campaign supported a full logo design and rebrand, with a new, modern logo. Bright and dynamic photography was used prominently on a new school website which showcased the inclusive nature of their provision, outstanding teaching and positive effect the school has on students’ learning.

The result:

The school was re-inspected by OFSTED and found to be “Outstanding” in all areas.
“You have helped us to tell the whole story, reduce the potential for misunderstanding, reassure parents and teachers, and engage with our local media in an extremely professional way….. you were able to put my thoughts into words in a way that I never could”.
“With regards to the logo and branding, I love the colours. I love the process and justification for the logo……. I think it looks great”.
“….the photographer you have sent is absolutely superb.  Exactly right for our setting. 
Thank you”
Angela Ransby
Headteacher – Oxfordshire Hospital School

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