Wandsworth Hospital and Home Tuition Service


The challenge:

Having no logo, branding or website we had to first understand the values and ethos of the school. Parents and other stakeholders were not aware of great service Wandsworth Hospital and Home Tuition Service provided to children and raising awareness nationally was key. The logo design and branding had to be strong and recognisable whilst the photography carefully taken as to not alienate any child. The website needed to be designed to provide a great platform for parents to learn all about the services provided with an emphasis on simple content editing

What we did:

When we started working with Wandsworth Hospital and Home Tuition Service they had no marketing collateral, website or even logo design at all. We needed to create real impact for with their marketing and the first step in doing this was by unearthing the true essence of the school and translating it into the school’s unique ‘story’. We ensured that this story was then told consistently and repeatedly across their logo and branding, photography, website and prospectus.

The result:

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