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The EDvantage® Health-Check by Blue Apple Education offers a thorough audit in Branding, Marketing, Admissions and Communications.

Expert insights and tailored strategies will be provided to enhance your school’s performance and grow your pupil numbers.


Blue Apple Education are the go to professionals for advice on school branding and marketing strategy. Strategic insight allows us to deliver compelling solutions for Trusts, school groups and individual schools. We are now working with many leading MATs and school groups in the UK. Mark, our director is a respected member of the Multi Academy Trust (MATA) Advisory Board, serving as their Marketing & Communications expert.


Our EDvantage® Health-Check is a comprehensive and specialised assessment conducted by experienced school marketing and branding professionals at Blue Apple Education. The audit provides a benchmark of how a school currently performs in 4 key areas; Branding, Marketing, Admissions and Communications. As well as bench-marking, the audit provides a detailed report on each area along with recommendations on how to improve.


Ultimately to boost the school brand and help attract more students. EDvantage® will provide valuable insights and identify areas for improvement. Tailored recommendations to optimise the overall effectiveness of a school’s operations and business objectives will be proposed with clear guidelines on next steps required.

Identify & Optimise the
Effectiveness of Your School Marketing.

Free EDvantage® Audit for a School in Your Trust.

Blue Apple Education offers you a complimentary audit for a school in your Trust.

We will first conduct an Assessment of Performance in Branding, Marketing, Admissions and Communications. 

Your customised audit will offer solutions to:

  • Boost your brand through strengthening your school’s identity and presence.
  • Increase admissions through attracting more students with effective marketing.
  • Improve the admissions experience of your school through a customer journey evaluation.
  • Provide expert analysis from experienced school marketing professionals.
  • Deliver actionable recommendations through receiving tailored strategies for improvement.
  • Benchmark and understand your current marketing presence with precise evaluations.
  • Optimise operations to enhance overall effectiveness.
  • Make informed decisions through data-driven choices to improve your return on investment.
  • Access a suite of Blue Apple Education services to improve your school’s performance

An EDvantage® Score Tailored for You.

Every school audited will receive an EDvantage® Score calculated from a detailed rubric featuring four key performance areas, each with five sub-items, totalling 20 auditable aspects.

Scores are assigned on a scale of 5 (mastering), 3 (Developing), 1 (Beginning) and 0 (underperforming), with a maximum of 25 points per category and a cumulative total of 100 points.

Our rubric encompasses 625 potential outcomes and is informed by the school’s performance in these areas.

Leveraging specific evidence and insights about your school, our machine-learning approach refines the scoring process, resulting in a nuanced and accurate performance evaluation.

Hear from our Satisfied Customers.

Really good insight. It is good to see why some things worked and some didn’t”

Martin Lopez
Director of Communications, Media & Marketing
Invictus Education Trust

“The Session had made me realise how we are missing simple things that can make a difference

Kath Williams
School Business Manager
Berrycoombe Primary School

“Thank you so much, it has been very helpful and thought provoking

Nadine Andrews
School Business Manager
St George’s CofE Primary School

“Really useful, thanks so much, great things to consider

Amanda Deery
Assistant Headteacher
Perivale Primary School

“Thank you, very useful and a lot to think about

Lyndsey Vale
School Business Manager
Oldbrook First School

“Thank you, very useful session

Melanie Hornshaw
School Business Manager
Southwood School

Working with many leading Trusts including

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EDvantage® represents the flagship product of Blue Apple Education, with a focus on enhancing the Branding, Marketing, Admissions and Communications of Multi-Academy Trusts, school groups and schools. As a special offer and for limited time, we are providing this free, no-obligation audit for a school in your trust, which may potentially benefit from Blue Apple Education’s specialised services.

After booking your audit, you’ll receive your evaluation report within an average of 8-10 working days, closely followed by your tailored Edvantage® Health-Check report – what’s not to love! 

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