Expert Marketing for Schools

Marketing for schools is a powerful tool in engaging parents and attracting prospective pupils. Let us share our marketing expertise with your school to create a marketing plan that will tell your story and increase engagement.


What Does Our School Marketing Service Offer?

We use our years of marketing experience to help your school promote its services as well as engage with the wider community. School marketing is heavily focused on storytelling and showcasing the experiences (or journeys) pupils and staff can expect when joining. 

Using data, marketing experience, industry markers, as well as your own, we will craft a concise and consistent marketing plan to engage with pupils, parents, and staff. Each plan will focus on online and offline channels that will best resonate with your audience.


Telling Your School’s Story Using Marketing

Our team strongly believes in using storytelling to share the essence and spirit of your school. The only way to engage your audience and prospective parents or staff are by showcasing who you truly are. In order to get to the root of your school spirit our team will practically become one of your team members as they research and investigate your school. 

Our marketing process starts with engaging with you. As we learn from you and ask questions to find out what lifestyle your school represents, we will be able to start planning a marketing schedule that will reflect your tone of voice, branding, beliefs, and aspirations.

Journey Mapping

Once we know your goals and your audience, we can begin the journey mapping process. We will examine all touchpoints across the journey your audience takes when they first hear of you, seek to learn more about you, decide to take the step to shortlist your school, and finally all the way to application and admission. 

Looking at both online and offline channels, we will map out when and how users become aware of your school. This will allow us to identify your strong points as well as gaps, with this knowledge we can create a marketing strategy to maximise how you communicate with your prospects.

The messaging workshop led by Emily was excellent, very well planned and the practical elements really kept the team engaged throughout. It generated excitement and encouraged better communication through team work.


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