Remarkable School Video Production

We use our video production expertise to storyboard, plan, film, and edit school videos that will tell your story and give a glimpse into what students can expect from student life with you.

Let us create school videos that tell your story and show parents why you are the best choice for their child.


First Steps in School Video Production

It all starts with a Discovery Call. A member of our team will discuss your school with you to learn what makes you remarkable. We will listen, ask, and investigate to get to the heart of what makes your school unique and how we can best represent that in a school video.

Our aim is to become engrossed in your school culture and feel like one of your pupils. The more we understand your school – the more personal and representative our video will be. Once we learn more about your school and your expectations, we will begin to move on to our design stage.

Design Your School Video

Once we understand what you and your school are trying to achieve, we can move on to design. We begin our video design process by creating a detailed storyboard and plan to give you an insight into what the final product will look like.

Our experienced film crew will focus on highlighting the best parts of your school and engaging with your staff, students, and grounds in the most creative way possible. Their aim will be to create an emotive video that will resonate and connect with parents and the wide community alike.

Delivering Your Video is Just the Beginning

Although the final school video might seem like the end of our creative journey – it is just the beginning! With over 20 years’ experience in marketing and working in the education sector, our team will work with you to create a remarkable marketing plan across all channels.

Let us use our marketing knowledge to ensure that your video reaches your audience in the best way possible. We will create a marketing plan focusing on the most important promotional channels and how to best share and communicate your school video with prospective parents. Our goal is to ensure that you see a great return for your investment in video production.

“I think they’re phenomenal. They’re a rare kind of company – high level of integrity, decent people. We make a point of only working with people who share our view of the world. When other schools enquire, I highly recommend them.”

Angela Ransby, Headteacher
Oxfordshire Hospital School, Oxford, UK

“Blue Apple Education was able to understand ISP at a group level, but also at a local school level across different regions. The team adopted a holistic approach, enabling them to produce strong creative concepts across digital and print materials.”

Piers Frazier, Director of Communications & HR
International Schools Partnership, London, UK

“Loved it, I cried! – We had a whole school showing of the video this morning and there were tears and clapping…. Thank you so much, the whole team agreed that it really captured the essence of ‘us’… We all loved the experience!”

Claire Constantopoulos, Headteacher
William Barcroft Junior School