Powerful School Logo & Brand Design for Empower Multi‑Academy Trust.

We redesigned the new brand identity for Empower Trust to reflect the empowerment they provide to every school, adult and child, whilst having a modern and fresh feel.

The Elements of Empowerment.

We initially dissected our notes and creative brief from our Discovery Call and researched a little deeper into The Empower Trust to ensure we started the creative process correctly.

It was mentioned on the call that the previous logo hadn’t had a lot of thought go into it when it was created, and the strapline ‘Inspire to Achieve’ is a little too generic, and the name of the Trust should include either the word Education or Multi-Academy.

Our mission was to provide The Empower Trust with a new fresh brand identity that really showcased who they are. It needed a fresh and modern feel with a strapline that aligned with its mission statement.



The Power of Three.

During our Discovery Call it was evident that what makes The Empower Trust remarkable is their values.

These values underpin the three keywords within the mission statement, ‘Empower, Inspire and Achieve; they are the fundamental aspects of the MAT, and guide the behaviours and attitudes of everyone within it. 

A Molecule of World Class Learning.

Whilst taking into consideration the three key aspects of the mission statement, the values that guide the behaviours and attitudes of everyone within the MAT and the power of three, led us to the molecule.

A molecule is an electrically neutral group of two or more atoms held together by chemical bonds; no atom is more favourable than the other as without one atom the molecule would not form.

We likened this to the values of the MAT and the three keywords that represent them. If a school or member of the MAT were to not uphold each of the values their behaviours and attitudes would not align and they would become disjointed, but when the values are adopted and upheld it creates a home (molecule) of world-class learning that improves the lives of every child. 

Brand Overview.



Taking inspiration from the molecule and how it relates to the three keywords of the mission statement that are underpinned by the values of the MAT, provides us with a simplistic and modern design to the brand identity that really encompasses the remarkable in Empower MAT.


Empower – Inspire – Achieve

The new strapline ‘Empower – Inspire – Achieve’ showcases the three keywords of the MAT which are underpinned by their values that guide everything they do for schools, adults and children.

Colour Palette & Typefaces

The new colour palette provides a balanced feeling of trust, tranquillity and warmth. It creates an impact owing to its usage of Mint Blue, Yellow and Pink to create the power of three that aligns with the three keywords within the strapline. The typeface Gotham delivers a fresh, bold and modern feel to the brand identity.

Swipe to Unearth the Remarkable.

Feedback from Empower Multi-Academy Trust.

“The service has been excellent and I am very pleased with the result!”

Michelle Harrington,
Executive Assistant to the CEO at Empower Multi-Academy Trust, Shrewsbury, UK

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